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We provide Free Services on website:

1)Daily get stock market forecast between 8:00 to 8:15 AM in the morning

2)Nifty resistance-support levels in foreast

3)Daily F&O ban position before market opening (with Fresh entry-exit details)

4)Free calls daily before market hours between 8:30-8:50 AM

5)Live market updates during market hours 

6)IPO updates and our rating Click here

7)Corporate updates Click here


8)Daily FII-DII activity by evening Click here

9)Market summary daily after market hours

10)Stock market basics  and many more interesting updates Click here

11)Write us for any stock related query,our

12)Remember few Rules:

     Selection of proper stock (A group),On time decision to trade,Entry-Exit will be most important for Trader! 

     Avoid over-trading at any cost

     Invest/trade not more than 20% of your trading capital in single trade!

     Make money in stock markets will be much easier once trader can make such decision by his/her own!   

    Our motto is to educate trader for stock market...WIN DALAL STREET with us!

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1)We provide Intraday calls,Option calls,BTST (buy today sell tomorrow calls),Cash calls (delivery based)

2)We give trading calls mostly for A group or B group stocks,where trader/investor gets enough volume to trade 

3)We never give penny stock calls /risky companies calls 

4)We offer calls with follow up messages,book profits,Exit alerts,target alerts with proper guidance  

5)Check our call history Click here

6)We deliver calls with high accuracy levels! Click here

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