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updated on 10 Oct,2018

This call brings very less risk.

Only profits...

L&T Complete BUYBACK Plan*

Record Date: 15-Oct-2018

 (you have to buy stocks before 10-Oct-2018)

Max Shares to Invest: 135 Shares

Current Market Price: 1227

BuyBack Price: 1475

Profit per share= 1475-1227= Rs.248/Per share

Assume that after buyback you sold rest shares on your Cost price

Now see Acceptance Ratio Analaysis


If Acceptance Ratio 33%

Amount Invested(1227x135)= 165645

No of share BB= 45

BB Profit= 11048.4

Profit %= 6.67%

If Acceptance Ratio 50%

Amount Invested(1227x135)= 165645

No of share BB= 68

BB Profit= 16740

Profit %= 10.11%

If Acceptance Ratio 75%

Amount Invested(1227x135)= 165645

No of share BB= 101

BB Profit= 25110

Profit %= 15.16%

If Acceptance Ratio 100%

Amount Invested(1227x135)= 165645

No of share BB= 135

BB Profit= 33480

Profit %= 20.21%

Holding Period may be from 2 to 3 Months

Subject to Selling the rest stocks which was not accepted in Buyback selling at Cost price.

(for buy back procedure ask your broker)

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