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You guys are simply amazing. I don’t know how you give the signals but I don’t believe if you say you can't time travel. You don't know how much you have changed my life. I will always be very much thankful to you…….......Sri Chandra    


Good Service and Value for Money       RAMESH GANNEBOINA


Really good for options but call period only taking 2-4 days. Try to give intraday call option. Rajprakashkumar


Sometimes your recommended calls reach their target even before market opens, and sometimes ur messages get delivered late when target has already reached……...VARUN DHIR


Give less calls with high correctness. But give call at right time. Nowadays your calls hitting ratio is in downtrend. Please improve..Name hidden


Dear Sir,  I already told you that delivery sms service is too much delay and we got a tips near to the target so we could not enter your tips…So improve your sms service fast..Name hidden


Your Call is Good,But to frequent & quick.I just want to suggest you that give less call with more profit. I hope you can understand what I mean to tell you. Thanks.Name Hidden


updated on 21 July 2017

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