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IPO updates:updated on 17 Sept,2018 6:20 PM


Ircon International Limited

Price band 470-475 Rs per share,Min.order Qty 30 shares

IPO date 17 Sept-19 Sept..470 Cr IPO size rating 3.25 out of 5,Can Apply for Listing gains!


HDFC Asset Management Company Limited

Price band 1095-1100 Rs per share,Min.order Qty 13 shares

IPO date:25 July-27 July..2800 Cr IPO size rating 3.75 out of 5,Good IPO,Should Apply


TCNS Clothing IPO

Price band 714-716 Rs per share,Min.order Qty 20 shares

IPO date:18 July-20 July..1125 Cr IPO size rating 1.5 out of 5,much Overpriced..Avoid


Varroc Engineering Limited IPO

Price band 965-967 Rs per share,Min.order Qty 15 shares

IPO date:26 June-28 June..1945 Cr IPO size rating 2.5 out of 5,can apply for Long term gains



Price band 180-185 Rs per share,Min.order Qty 80 shares

IPO date:20 June-22 June..466 Cr IPO size rating 2.5 out of 5,can apply for Listing gains!


Fine Organic Industries Limited IPO

Price band 780-783 Rs per share,Min.order Qty 19 shares

IPO date:20 June-22 June...600 Cr IPO size rating 1.5 out of 5,can avoid as expensive price


IndoStar Capital Finance Limited IPO

Price band 570-572 Rs per share,Min.order Qty 26 shares

IPO date:9 May-11 May...700 Cr IPO rating 2 out of 5,can apply for Listing gains!


Lemon Tree Hotels Limited IPO

Price band 54-56 Rs per share,Min.order Qty 265 shares

IPO date:26 March-28 March...1038 Cr IPO rating 1.5 out of 5,very expensive prices Avoid this IPO


ICICI Securities Ltd IPO

Price band 519-520 Rs per share,Min.order Qty 28 shares

IPO date:22 March-26 March...4000 Cr IPO rating 1.75 out of 5,Expensive prices,Can Avoid only Risk players can apply


Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited IPO

Price band 87-90 Rs per share,Min.order Qty 150 shares

IPO date:29 March-23 March...438 Cr IPO rating 2.5 out of 5,Can apply for Listing gains! 


Sandhar Technologies Limited IPO

Price band 327-332 Rs per share,Min.order Qty 45 shares

IPO date:19 March-21 March...300 Cr IPO rating 2.75 out of 5,Can apply for Listing gains! 


Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

Price band 1215-1240 Rs per share,Min.order Qty 12 shares

IPO date:16 March-20 March... 4229 Cr IPO rating 3.5 out of 5,good for long term,can apply


Bandhan Bank Limited

Price band 370-375 Rs per share,Min.order Qty 40 share

IPO date:15 March-19 March... 4473 Cr IPO rating 2 out of 5,IPO expensive,Risk traders may apply!


Bharat Dynamics Limited

Price band 423-428 Rs per share,Min.order Qty 35 share

IPO date:13 March-15 March... 960 Cr IPO rating 3 out of 5,Can apply for short-medium term gains!


H.G. Infra Engineering Limited

Price band 263-270 Rs per share,Min order Qty 55 shares

IPO date:26 Feb 2018 to 28 Feb,2018,Poor response so far Rating 1.5/5,can apply only for small 2-5% listing gains! 


Aster DM Healthcare Ltd IPO

IPO date:12 Feb 2018-15 Feb 2018,IPO price band 180-190 Rs per share

Min order quantity:78 shares rating 1 out of 5..can avoid this IPO as overpriced IPO


Amber Enterprises IPO date 17 Jan-19 Jan,2018

IPO price:855-859 Rs per share,Min order Qty:17 shares rating 3/5,can apply for listing gains!


Apollo Micro Systems Limited

IPO date:10 Jan -12 Jan 2018 ,IPO size 156 Cr

Price band 270-275 Rs per share,Min order Qty 50 shares rating 3/5,can apply for solid listing gains!


Shalby Hospital IPO:

Shalby Hospital IPO date:5 Dec-7 Dec 2017,IPO size 480 Cr

Price band 245-248 Rs per share,Min order Qty 60 shares rating 2.5/5,can apply for long term investments!


HDFC standard life IPO. date 7 Nov-9 Nov,2017, 8695 Cr.IPO 

IPO price band:275-290 Rs.per share,Min order Qty:50 shares rating 3/5,can apply for longer term! 


Khadim India IPO

Date 2 Nov -6 Nov,2017,Price band 745-750 Rs per share,Min.order qty 20 shares rating 1/5,high risk IPO,can be avoided!   


New India Assurance IPO

IPO date:1 Nov-3 Nov

Price band:770-800 Rs per share,Min order qty 18 shares rating 2.5/5,can apply for long term! 


Mahindra Logistics Limited IPO begins today:

Mahindra Logistics Limited IPO

IPO date:31 Oct-2 Nov,2017,Price band 425-429 Rs.per share

Min.order Qty:34 shares ,IPO size:830 Cr.Aprox,GMP 35 Rs. rating 1.5/5 ..Can Avoid this IPO 


Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Ltd IPO opens today

IPO date 25 Oct-27 Oct,2017 IPO price band 247-252 Rs.

Min.order Qty.59 shares IPO size:Aprox.1540 Cr,GMP 70-75Rs. rating 3/5,can apply for listing gains!


General Insurance Corporation Of India IPO

IPO date:11 Oct-13 Oct,2017  price band:855-912 Rs per share

Minimum order quantity:16 shares,IPO size:11300 Cr.(approx) rating 2.5/5 ,can apply for listing gain and long term!


Indian Energy Exchange Ltd IPO

IPO date:9 Oct-11 Oct,2017 Price band:1645-1650 Rs per share

Min.order quantity:9 Rating:3/5 can apply.



MAS Financial services

IPO date 6 Oct-10 Oct,2017 IPO price 456-459 Rs.per share 

Minimum order quantity :32 shares

Grey market premium aprox.150 Rs.

Good IPO can apply for listing gains as well as long term: rating:3/5   


Godrej Agrovet IPO:

4 Oct-6 Oct 2017,Issue size:Aprox.1150 Cr

Price band:450-460 Rs per share,Min.order Qty:32 shares

Company involved in 5 business:Animal feed, Crop protection, Palm oil, Dairy and poultry, and Processed food

Grey market premium Rs.100-120 Rs, rating:3/5


Prataap Snacks Limited IPO opens today

IPO date 22-26 Sept,2017,Min.Order quantity:15 shares

IPO price:930-938Rs per share (face value Rs.5) 

Subscribed 0.42 time on day 1..QIB 100%,NII 1.5%,Retails 28.5% Rating:1.5/5 ..Can be avoided,Expensive price band! 


SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd IPO

IPO date:20 Sept-22 Sept,2017,Price band:685-700 Rs

Min.order quantity:21 shares.IPO size:Aprox.8400 Cr. Rating:2/5..Good for long term only! 


ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd IPO

Issue date:15 Sept -19 Sept,2017

price band 651-661 Rs.per share,Min order Qty.22 shares

Issue size approx.86 Lakh share worth 5700 Cr Rs. Rating 3.5/5.Good investment for long term


Capacit e Infraprojects Limited IPO

IPO date:13 Sept-15 Sept,2017.Price band 245-250 Rs per share

Min Order Qty..60 shares..Grey market premium 90-100

Can apply in this IPO...Our Rating 3/5

***************************************** Limited IPO

IPO date:11 Sept-13 Sept 2017 IPO price 983-985 Rs per share

Minimum order quantity 15 shares,Grey market premium 100 Rs.

We feel valuations high,Our Rating 1.5/5 ,Can Avoid this IPO


Dixon Technologies (India) Limited:

Manufacturing products like.home appliances,washing machine,LED bulbs,mobile phones etc!

IPO date 6 Sept-8 Sept,2017 IPO price-1760-1766 Rs per share

Min.order quantity:8 shares. Min.amount Rs.14128 

Grey market premium:Rs.400 Rating 3.5/5,can apply


Bharat Road Network Limited IPO:

IPO date 6 Sept-8 Sept,2017 IPO price-195-205 Rs per share

Min.order quantity:73 share,Grey market premium:Rs.10 Rating 2/5,can avoid this IPO


Bharat Road Network Limited IPO:

IPO date:6 Sept-8 Sept 2017,IPO size 293 Lakh shares

Price band:yet to announced


IPO date:6 Sept-8 Sept 2017,IPO size 37.53 Lakh shares 

IPO price band:1760-1766 Rs per share (10 Rs face value)

updated on 29 Aug,2017 8:30 AM


Apex frozen food IPO: date 22 Aug-24 Aug

Price band:171-175 Min. order Qty 80 shares 

IPO of 87,00,000 shares,Gray market premium Aprox. Rs.20

Can Apply for Listing gains, Rating 2/5...Updated on 18 Aug 2017 8:30 AM


Security & Intelligence IPO:

IPO date:31 July to 2 Aug 2017

Price band:810-815 Rs per share,Minimum order Qty 18 shares


Salasar Techno Engineering IPO: 13 Jul 17 

Salasar Techno Engineering IPO over subscribed 5 times on day 2

Issue price 108 Rs.per share...lot of 125 shares.

Grey Market premium 70 Rs.(Aprox.)


Mega IPO coming this year:13 Jul 17 

Expected to come  Mega IPO in  Oct/Nov 2017

1)IPO of Four Indian railway units:IRCTC,IRCON,RVNL,RiTES

2)SBI Life and General insurance IPO  


Cochin Shipyard IPO 12 Jul 17 

IPO date:19-21 July 2017 (approx)
IPO Size: Rs. 1400-1500 Crore (Approx)
Price Band: Rs.  152-155 (Face value 10Rs),IPO Market Lot: 95

Basic Information for IPO

IPO Initial public offering (IPO)/FPO

IPO is simply as a public offering is when a company issues common stock or shares to the public for the first time. They are often issued by younger companies seeking capital to expand, but can also be done by large privately-owned companies looking to become publicly traded.
Yes, IPO is also a risky investments. For the individual investor, it is difficult to predict what the share price will do on its initial day of trading and in the near terms as there is very little historical data or background to analyze the company.

The main difference between Initial Public Offer (IPO) and Follow on Public Offer (FPO) is as the name itself suggests IPO is for the companies which have not listed on an exchange and FPO is for the companies which have already listed on exchange but want to raise fund by issuing some more equity shares.

So best way for invest in IPO/FPO is to study company prospects properly & invest wisely. But unfortunately IPO market has given bad results in recent time, as most of company is quoting in discount to offer price in recent time.

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