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Package Name Price
1 week Intraday + Option calls SMS + BTST+ cash calls(Trial pack of 5 working days)by SMS 800
1 month Intraday + Option calls by SMS 2400
1 month Intraday + Option calls by Whatsapp 2500
3 month Intraday calls (Equity) by SMS 3600
3 month Intraday calls (Equity) by whatspp 3800
3 months Option calls ( Nifty & Stock Option) by SMS 3800
3 months Option calls ( Nifty & Stock Option) by whatspp 4000
3 months BTST+Cash market calls by SMS 2800
3 month BTST+Cash market calls by Whatsapp 3000
3 month Intraday + Option calls SMS by SMS 6750
3 month Intraday + Option calls by Whatspp 7000
6 month Intraday + Option calls by SMS 12500
6 months Intraday + Option calls by Whatsapp 13000
WIN DALAL STREET paperback book (including shipping cost) (Do not apply discount code on this product) 160

  1. For Paperback book WIN DALAL STREET Click here

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  2. Terms and conditions:          On an average minimum 20 calls will be given per month (for each package) for the selected scheme,We suggest customer not to ask/demand for calls,once calls released from our experts,customer will obviously received! 
  3. Please make your own research before trading.
  4. Our market calls are for personal use only,circulation may terminate membership with forfeiture of money
  5. We will not be liable for any investment decision/action taken by you. SMS or whatsapp tips will be based on our studies and we don't ask/force you to take market positions in any particular stock
  6. Our market calls will not be on daily basis.
  7. BTST +Cash market call (short term) package for 3 months (minimum call 10 calls per month)not daily,but call given as per market conditions!  
  8. Please ensure that you give correct mobile number on which you want to receive messages
  9. If subscribed successfully before 8:30 AM,membership will activate on same day,if later we will activate membership by next trading day.Wait for our confirmation,as it takes few hours to activate services.If no confirmation no Paid SMS/whatspp message received in next 24 hours of payment,please mail us payment details,our
  10. Request for change of mobile number may take 2-3 days in addition to that one week will be deducted from your subscription period.
  11. Request for change in package/scheme will result in deduction of 1 week from your subscription period
  12. No discount will be applicable if user forgets to use promotional/coupon code published on our website
  13. Prices are subjected to change without any prior notice 
  14. If customer manipulates subscription amount using IT skills,we will offer subscription period as per amount paid only (discount not applicable)
  15.   After successful registration and payment processing, you will receive an email from our payment gateway partner.
  16. Your membership will be activated only after you release the payment as mentioned in the email received by our payment gateway.
  17. Do not over trade under any circumstances,as over trade only leads trader to heavy loss
  18. If trading in F&O, invest less than 10% of your capital as F&O brings high risk with huge gain/loss
  19. Do not wait for targets to be hit,when your are on profits, book it on regular basis.Please make your own decision for profit/loss booking,Do not ask our team for your trade decision!
  20. We do not give any performance guarantee,you may take decision after watching our Past Performance
  21. We do not give any money back guarantee,If customer makes dispute with our payment gateway,customer will  lost discount if any,service period will be reduced accordingly.     
  22. No voice/video calls allowed for whatsapp membership,Repetition of the same may deduct membership duration!
  23. Use of annoying language or abuse words in whatsapp,may leads to terminate membership with forfeiture of money.We request whatspp customers,not to send repeated messages.    
  24. Your service will be discontinued without any intimation if found involved in any circulation of market calls by SMS, on any other website/email or by any other means of circulation
  25. Kindly inform us if customer registered mobile number with DND
  26. If you agree with given Terms & Conditions then you can submit this form and make payment.
  27. We can change/modify/cancel Discount offer any time without any notice. retains rights to cancel any customer discounts/validity if customer making any disturbance/threat/abuse/harasses/illegal promotions 
  28. After making payment successfully:
    For Customer,who paid for SMS services:
    Please check at your end,if your mobile number  has been registered with DND..
    Then you have to send one SMS,details given below.
    START fintra
    And send it to 7738098600
    For Customer,who paid for Whatsapp services:
    Please check at your end,as your whatsapp version should be updated.
    Soon,you will receive message from our end on your whatspp number,
    Then you have to save that number in your phone book to receive calls from us!

    GOOD LUCK...

    In case of difficulty for completing payment transaction,Non-receipt of calls or others please mail us 


    After successful payment please mail us TRANSACTION ID,AMOUNT PAID and PACKAGE DETAILS as shown on payment confirmation page.Our Email

    For Paperback book WIN DALAL STREET Click here

    Add Detailed address with pin code in COMMENT field

  1. Team Wishing you happy Trading!

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